Ref: 07/2018

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On 08 and 15 February 2018, the Women’s Unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) organized a training course in on Security and Wellbeing Lighthouse restaurant in Gaza City, targeting 40 female workers in the Rehabilitations Center for Women in Gaza.

Lawyer Hanan Matter opened the course, which as she said comes as part of the joint cooperation between the Women’s Unit and the administration of the Rehabilitation Center for Women in Gaza. She added that this course aims at renewing the spirit of cooperation by being in such an extraordinary activity and taking the workers out of the nature of their work which requires dealing with women subject to violence for long periods. Matter also talked about the programs and activities of the Women’s Unit throughout 21 years of providing legal aid for women, representing them before Sharia Courts, and working in the field of the legal awareness of women.  Matter added the Unit is considered the official advisory body for al-Aman Shelter. The Unit’s lawyers conduct periodic visits to al-Aman Shelter in order to check the inmates’ conditions, give them legal advice and provide legal aid for women in need for it and represent them before the Sharia Courts.

Director of Gaza Rehabilitation Center for Women, Amal Nofal, talked about the importance of the relationship between the Gaza Rehabilitation Center for Women and PCHR. She also pointed out to PCHR’s role and efforts to promote and disseminate the culture of human rights in the Palestinian society.

Majedah Shehadah, a researcher at the Women’s Unit, implemented the training program, which included the concept of wellbeing and security.  She then taught the participants exercises to strengthen their sense of self and security within their work and family environment.  She also tackled the challenges and threats facing them in addition to learning skills and strategies to identify and solve these challenges.

At the end of the course, the participants praised the contribution of these courses to making change to their concepts and believe. The Director of Gaza Rehabilitation Center for Women thanked the Women’s Unit for their efforts in shedding light on women’s issues and reducing violence against them.

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