Gaza/ The Chairman of PCHR’s Board of Directors, Riyadh al-Za’noun; Members of the Board of Directors; PCHR’s Director and all staff extend their deepest condolences to their people, nation, Palestinian and Arab human rights movement the passing of a founding member, PCHR’s General Assembly Member, Head of PCHR’s Training Unit, the lifelong companion, colleague and friend


Patriot/ Bassam al-Aqraa’ , who died on Thursday afternoon, 15 February 2018.


He was a leading icon in the field of human rights in Palestine, particularly in disseminating the culture and raising awareness of human rights and training.  He began his life struggling the occupation and in its prisons.  He dedicated his life to defend the Palestinian people and their rights.

May Allah receive him in his mercy and grant his family courage, patience and fortitude to bear this tragic loss.