Ref: 17\2016


On Saturday morning, 12 Narch 2016, 2 siblings were killed and 2 others were wounded in northwest of Beit Lahia when Israeli warplanes launched missiles at a training site belonging to al-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas Movement).  As a result, the shrapnel and rubble flung over the nearby houses.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and eyewitnesses, at approximately 02:15 on Saturday morning, 12 March 2016, Israeli warplanes launched 3 missiles at “‘Asqalan” site  belonging to al-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas Movement) in al- Seifa area, southwest of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. As a result, the training site was destroyed, and the rubble and mud chunks flung over the houses to the northwestern side of the training site. One of the aforementioned houses belongs to Salman Mousa Hasan Abu Khousa and is built of tin plates on an area of 120square meters.  As a result, his children, Ayoub (12); Yasin (9); Israa’ (6) and Ikram (2), were wounded while they were asleep in their bedroom, which is only 50 meters away from the targeted site in the eastern side of the house. The wounded children were taken to the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. Yasin and Israa’ sustained serious wounds due to severe brain hemorrhage, while the two other children sustained moderate wounds. Yasin was pronounced dead after 15 minutes of his arrival at the hospital. However, Israa was transferred to al-Shifa hospital to receive medical treatment in Gaza City. At approximately 13:45 on the same day, the Palestinian medical sources announced that Israa succumbed to her wounds.

PCHR severely condemns this crime and reiterates its call upon the High Contracting Parties to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1; i.e., to respect and to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, and their obligation under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions.